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Wednesday is Team Time Trial on Zwift

7:00pm is the start time for those wanting an indoor race where teams compete on the Champs Elysees course in Zwift. Join us in a 10 mile challenging but fun race where tactics are key.

If attending, please commit early to joining the event in the Clubs section of the Zwift Companion App so the roster can be created. If you haven't done a Belper BC race before, please send me your top watts per kilogram figure i.e. FTP divided by weight in KG. This will be used to compile the roster for the teams.


  • Smart Trainer

  • Zwift Subscription

  • Subscription to the Belper Bicycle Club in Zwift Clubs - How to do this?

  • Discord App and connection to the Belper Bicycle Club server - How to do this?

  • Ear phones with microphone

Timeline on the day:


  • Join the race in Zwift and wait in the race pens

  • Join the Belper Discord server and the TT Waiting area voice channel.

  • Await instructions before going into the individual team voice channels


  • First team starts


  • Second team starts and so on...

Please contact me if you need further information or help.

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