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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Dear Belper Bike Club Members – Your Club needs you! On the 24th September we will be assisting Cycle Derby Cycling Club host an exciting Cyclocross Event at Markeaton Park! Whats involved?

We need people on various duties as outlined below:-

  1. To help set out the course from around 7am till around 8:30am. This entails working with 1 or 2 other people setting in stakes and wrapping tape around the stakes. Each team will set up a certain section of the course and work out to meet then next team. There will generally be a ‘section leader’ who will coordinate that particular section. We have ‘Section leaders’ in place but people to help stake and tape are essential.. Obviously the more volunteers the better to set up in record time!!

  2. Marshal posts - We have races running from 10am - 3:30pm and we require the course to be marshalled throughout this period. There will be times when the track is live in races and also live for sighting laps. Marshals are assigned a position for a certain period and then we generally try to rotate. Some marshal all day and some just help out for an hour or so. Any help on this task is great. Marshalling is basically sitting in a camping chair (bring your own) making sure that no one interferes with the course (members of the public) and also making sure that any mishaps from riders veering of course are secured quickly and the course is kept live. This would generally mean replanting a few stakes and tying the tape back up. Anything more serious would need to be radiod to the organiser who would state whether a flag needed to be waved or not. Flags and whistles are provided. Marshalling is also great way to get close to the action and see the whites of the racers eyes! You will also be fed (sandwiches) and watered (tea and coffee).

  3. Course take down - At the end of the day we have to take the course down and put everything away. This generally only take an hour or so.

Please message directly in this post if you are able to assist and which job from the above list you can help with. Cheryl Harris will then collate names and contact details. Alternatively, please drop an e-mail to the club secretary. Thank you in anticipation of your help, and to those who have already volunteered. Cheryl

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Dave Bettridge
Dave Bettridge
14. Sept. 2022


Not sure you have got my name down already.

I'll volunteer and be there from start to finish.



Gefällt mir
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