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Club Zwift Events coming soon

Now the darker evenings are approaching the club will schedule its own Zwift events on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

By using the club functionality in Zwift to schedule events, members will be notified when an event is created. Events will also be visible in the Companion App.

The rides start on Tuesday 18th October at 6:30pm.

To join the Zwift Belper Bicycle Club, please select the 'Clubs' icon in the Zwift Companion App, search for Belper Bicycle Club, select the club and click the 'Join' button. You will be notified of new events and can join specific events from within the club functionality. Full instructions on ow to do this can be found here.

You can also join the event using the link in the calendar event or the first event can be found here:

Tuesday evening events will run for 60 minutes and start at 6:30pm. Late join is available, but the 'keep together' option is not. We will start the indoor season with group ride events (these might have a little spice thrown in) and then discuss the appetite for group workouts, ITT, TTT and scratch races.

Saturday morning events will run for 120 minutes and start at 9:00am. Late join is available, but the 'keep together' option is not. These will be group ride events and are a place holder for when the forecasted weather is bad or unsafe conditions.

Remember for chat whilst riding we have the use of the Belper BC Discord server which can be used regardless of whether you join one of our events or not.

Instructions for Club Events and Discord can be found here.


Club events will be set up as Category E events only so all riders start together and can see everyone in the event on the rider's board. Specific Category A-D ability segregation events will not be required unless numbers are large.

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