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Tuesday Gravel & Mud Social - Where’s Philip?

Only 7 rides out tonight in 2 groups with both taking on the normal route on a lovely sunny evening with a few short showers.

The second group were surprised to catch the first group part way around. Apparently they had lost a rider from thier group. The missing rider was located a few miles off course thanks to the magic of the mobile telephone. Remember kids to download the route before the ride!

We were expecting the ford and a bit of gravel on route but we weren't expecting that this afternoons storm had washed the contents of several fields into the road in multiple places and flooded some areas as well. Cyclocross skills were required as well as hoping the water want to deep.

All in all a very memorable evening. Same time next week?

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Philip Colledge
Philip Colledge
Jul 11, 2023

I wasn’t lost, but I’d do anything to avoid the ford 😂

Jon Marriott
Jon Marriott
Jul 12, 2023
Replying to

Probably not, but still decided to do your own thing and not flood the route 😂

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