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Tour de Pits

Thirteen riders turned up for the ride today and with a route heading east excitement and trepidation hung in the air.

The ride took in the delights of many Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire coal mining districts and then headed into the housing estates of the area, arriving at the very nice and appreciative cafe at Beauvale Priory.

The ride was pleasant and although the scenery was not the norm, it was great. The highly tuned performance Skoda Fabia belching out black smoke would have been a preferred omission. The route was different and time passed quickly with the alternative views the route provided.  One word of warning,  the roads are in poor condition over the border, I suppose the cancelled HS2 funding is yet to trickle down. Unfortunately, one of the group succumbed to these road conditions and punctured a tub.

As we entered back into the home shire, riders peeled off as they passed close to their end destinations, leaving a handful heading back into Belper.

Great route, a great ride and worthwhile heading to a different landscape. Good times. #nooneleftbehind

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