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Tip Top Club Social (AKA Grinch goes to Melbourne)

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

A great turnout of 16 riders tackled a super route to Melbourne Hall. Two groups of a slightly varying pace formed and headed off on a route which had a lumpy start but lots of lovely flat and downhill bits afterwards. The slightly less quick group went on a couple of short off route sections which were expertly planned to ensure full value for money. One particularly memorable off plan section was when Paul (who I know is a big fan of English Gothic architecture) led us up the steep climb to Breedon on the Hill Church. It was definitely well worth the extra exertion as the views were amazing. After a careful descent the group pushed onto the cafe and it was nice to briefly see the other group just leaving the hall (they obviously took a more direct route to the cafe to get them there so quickly). After a brief chat and a return of inner tube to Chris we went our separate ways. Our cafe stop was quite eventful and it was a lovely touch by the cafe to arrange the early Christmas decorations in light of the visit of the "Grinch" - please see attached photo, add your own caption and maybe add a lovely hat. Another club member took full advantage of the 'Charlie Chalk' menu and ordered a delicious milkshake complete with curly straw and marshmallows. After our lovely food and drinks we headed back to Belper. The group stuck together and worked well to ensure we arrived back safely. It is worthy of note that punctures were encountered on a super day. What a top club ride and the company was not too shabby either. Please feel free to add any comments if I missed anything

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