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Tagg Dairy - Long Route

Hi all - just a quick heads up about tomorrows long route to Tagg Dairy. On the way back after Wirksworth there is small off road section which you may want to avoid. The section is on Bent Lane (Passes Nook Farm) and can easily be avoided as follows: Following route from Wirksworth and onto St Helens Lane through Hardhurst. Rather than continuing onto Bent Lane turn right onto Hay Lane which becomes Alport Lane, Turn left onto Palerow Lane and then right at the end of the road which takes you back onto the route on Belper Road. There are various roads you can take and I think most of us know the area around Alport and Shottle. The route will be updated but it cannot be done before tomorrows ride as most people will already have downloaded it onto devices. We are tweaking routes as required - thanks for your patience. Cheers Andy

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Jack  Harrison
Jack Harrison
May 06, 2022

You can easily avoid the gravel section by carrying on up the road from wirksworth to the malt shovel and then follow the road back to the route

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