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Super Saturday Soggy Sudbury - three becomes four

After a late Friday night at a Ferocious Dog gig in Holmfirth I was a little groggy and running slightly late. The weather forecast wasnt looking good but I thought I need to see out 2022 in style. Approaching the Triangle at just after 9.00 I was expecting to see lights flashing and a huddle of riders experiencing a sense of eager anticipation. I arrived at the bench and there was not a solitary soul - I quickly contemplated life and thought about a solo ride South or quick return home to the warmth of my shed and a couple of hours on Zwift. My dilemma was quickly resolved though when out of the drizzle appeared two yellow hi viz jackets. My faith in humanity was restored - Andy & Sarah B were ready for an adventure to Sudbury. After pleasantries were exchanged and discussions were had about different weather forecasts, we set off. We headed for Quorndon along the A6 happy in the knowledge that the 65% chance of rain was never going to happen. We made it to Markeaton Lane in a very slight drizzle. What then happened for the next hour was nothing short of biblical. We tried to devise a rain chart and thought of trying to rank them in order of severity. Saturated, drenched, soaked, waterlogged, damp, moist andTsunami all featured in our discussion and were all relevant at different times of our outward journey. We battled gamely and eventually approached the cafe - we took bets as to whether any other cyclists (nutters) had made the trip. Leaning up against the cafe wall was a splendid Orange machine - another cyclist had made it. Not just another cyclist - a Belper cyclist had ridden solo (setting off from the Triangle just before 9.00). Steve W was already tucking into his toast and jam and it was a pleasure to see him. The staff at the cafe followed us around with a mop and bucket (mumbling something about crazy cyclists and health and safety of the other customers). After a short stop and much wringing out of gloves we knew it was time to venture back out into the elements for another beating from the weather. The forecast said heavy rain all afternoon (officially 2 spots on the BBC website!!). Needless to say we had a completely rain free return journey - although there may have been one or two minor puddles. It is days like these you remember. Thanks all for the company and banter - a fab social which just about had the lot. Happy New Year to everyone

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