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Sunday Social to Newlands Farm

Good turnout for a sunny Sunday Social Ride with two groups on slightly different routes. Lovely to welcome some new faces, with Rhodri the new rider and of coarse some old faces too, Steve and Paul. The cafe was lovely (thanks for booking us a table Adam)

with plenty of room and good choices on the menu. Good banter considering the ‘early’ start and great to see everyone looking out for each other #nooneleftbehind although there was a close call at the end!! 🥴🤣

Same again next week? 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

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Is that blue sky 😊 looks lovely. Hope to be joining you again before too long

Caroline Stoddart
Caroline Stoddart

We are missing you Richard, hurry up and get well soon 😘

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