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Summer Sundays move to 9am start!

The clocks have changed which means summer is on its way just as soon as it stops raining…

The main change is that we’re are moving the start from 9.30am to 9am for the summer to allow both the social and inters rides to start at the same time.

Changes from last Summer

  1. Start moved to 9am

  2. Social ride every week (no beginners ride)

  3. Inters ride every other week

  4. Social & Inters go to same cafe

A full schedule of Sunday rides right up until June has been added to the website.

If you are intending to ride please sign up for the ride on the app or website and let everyone in the Sunday WhatsApp group know you are going. The helps increase participation by reassuring others that they won’t be alone!

The summer Sunday routes haven’t had any major changes from last year but please make sure you download the latest version.

And finally I’m always happy to receive route or cafe feedback both good and bad!

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