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Saturday wet n wild

Not quite the same numbers turned out this Saturday, and the cold start to the morning must have put a few off. But old and familiar faces turned up at the triangle to have a respectful gathering of 8. The ride was No 4. down to Willington, which was, as many older members recall, a pleasant, flat, fast, racey affair with drafting being the order of the day well, not nowadays. The first hill of the day came straight away and continued until we got to the top of Hazelwood, then down to Duffield Road and back up to Western Underwood. TBH, it is a better ride and mixes it up a bit with the hills and flats, making it a great variation with time to chat and catch up, although at one point, we would have been better in boats than on a bikes.   

Another Saturday and more bike component failures. Unfortunately, just one person this time. Two if not three flats and a rear mech cable failure ensured we all got some respite from the ride aside from the cafe stop.

Another eventful Saturday and another damp ride, which, to be honest, is the backbone of any club riding anywhere in the world, but I think it is fair to say the potholes and general state of the roads in Derbyshire are taking their toll. Another great Club ride and Chapeau to all.

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