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Fun in the sun - club social ride to Old Smithy, Monyash

Sorry all for the delay iposting yesterdays classic ride - just got back from watching Elbow in Scarborough. Two good sized groups set off (BQ and BNSQ - Bit Quicker and Bit Not So Quick) for Monyash. We had another new rider Steve from Kilburn who was made very welcome and he really enjoyed the ride. Our very own Steve W also had a top ride (and also forgave what would have been a certain century at cricket but he felt that he couldn't miss the glorious climbs to Monyash). An early casualty on the ride was Bill (members were checking for clicking knees and hips but unfortunately it was a mystery bike noise which had to be investigated at the shop - hope it gets sorted soon). The group proceeded up the Via Gellia and turned up the Clatterway toward Bonsall (always a good hill to start the day). After a few twists and turns through Elton, Youlgreave and up and over Long Rake we arrived at one of the club favourite cafes, the Old Smithy and joined up with the BQ group (they were just finishing their 4th course!!). It was great to catch up with everyone and bid them farewell as we tucked into a range of delectable delights. (The chocolate orange cake comes highly recommended). The route back from the cafe was again a little uppy and downy with stunning scenery. I know the climb away from the A6 after Haddon Hall was particularly well received but conquered by all (Mark even received comments from a couple of walkers about his climbing style at the steepest bit - think they were mostly positive). One of the highlights on the way back was the speed at which Bank Road was nailed (lots of energy expended down to Crown Island!!) . Although becoming a little weary by now the group chained it back from Matlock Bath and were back at a respectable hour. Due to having to hydration issues a few of the riders ended up at Xavi's for a type of special sparkling water which ensured they all returned back safe. Thanks everyone for making the day another memorable one. 👍🚴

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Hi Andy and the rest of the mobile maintenance team, thank you for your valiant efforts to sort out the most annoying click ever on my brand new "first time out"bike. On my ride back to pick up the car to return the bike to Velo Bavarian the click actually got worse but it became obvious that it was related to the crank/botton bracket as the frequency of the click increased with my cadence all the way up to 100rpm, I gave up then.

At the shop, bad news because they only have one person in attendance and don't do repairs on Saturday. Very pleased to report that my apparent displeasure was recognised before I started speaking and the toolbox…


Steve Woodward
Steve Woodward
10 thg 7, 2022

Spot the Belper riders!

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