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Your club needs YOU!

All of the events we run as a club rely soley on our members helping out!

We are currently struggling for marshals for this seasons time trials!

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated as it would be a shame to have to cancel such events!

 There is no need for previous experience at all in helping marshal as its all very easy and you will be briefed before the event starts

The time trials for this year are the following dates :

15th May

22nd May

29th May

5th June

12th June

19th June

26th June

3rd July

10th July

You can request a certain spot on the course if you have a preference on your role,

Raceclocker app is a link sent on the night so no need to download anything, practise races/links can be sent out prior to the night for you to practise with if required

The roles are as follows

PRE EVENT: 5:45-6:30pm

  • Course set up : setting up the course with event signage and checking the course for different risks I.E traffic lights/ broken down cars etc

  • Rider Sign on: taking payments from riders and making sure they fill in the correct forms, handing out the numbers for each rider, inputting rider info into race clocker

START LINE : ( minimum 1 marshal ) 6:45-7:30pm

  • Starter : Setting each rider off at one minute intervals using the race clocker app ( literally shout 5 4 3 2 1 GO! And pressing one button with the riders name on it )

  • Start line assistant, keeping riders from spilling onto the road, making sure the riders line up in the correct number order checking every rider has a Helmet, front and Rear lights

  • Bring back event signage from start

MID POINT : ( minimum 1 marshal ) 7-7:30pm

  • Hurt arms marshal: stand on the pavement opposite the junction in a supplied Hi Vis vest, to be seen by other road users, to make them aware of an event coming along,

  • Bring back event signage from junction

FINISH LINE: (Minimum 2 marshal ) 7-7:45pm

  • Finish Timer: record timings of riders as they pass the finish line on race clocker (as they cross the lines press a button with there race number on it )

  • Back up timer: using a stopwatch, start time as first rider sets of and press lap button everytime someone crosses the line ( incase of app/human errors on race clocker)

  • Set up finish line flags, and bring back finish line Flags

POST RACE : 7:30- bedtime

  • Collect numbers and pins back from riders

  • Sit in beer garden untill it's bedtime ( sunshine is not always included in this package)

We need a bare minimum of 4 marshals per event but more is always safer

1 for the start line

1 for the mid point

2 for the finish

Then in order of priority :

start line assistant

a second mid point marshal

a third finish line marshal

More mid point marshals for the whatstanwell bridge junctions

Please get in touch with anyone from the Race Rep Team ( Jack Harrison/ Ashley Pearce/ Niall McGarrigle) or another comittee member if you can help out!

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Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe
May 14

Should be there fellas 🫡👍

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