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Welfare & Wellbeing

Hi all - we have some very exciting news to announce that Maggie Cotton is our latest recruit to the Welfare & Wellbeing team. Maggie is perfect for the role and she has lots of experience in supporting people from all different walks of life. Maggie has been DBS checked for over 10 years, she is really keen on giving back to our community and enjoys being in and around the club. She describes herself as 84 years young, does boot camp twice a week, participates in running, walking and badminton. Maggie also puts Bill through his paces on the tandem and makes sure he keeps pedalling on the front. Both Maggie and Bill enjoy doing charity rides and raising money for good causes. I am sure you will all make Maggie feel very welcome in the role.

We have a few things planned for the new year and will be organising another quiz at the Devonshire in the next few weeks. The wellbeing role is quite broad and we are there to support members as and when required. We realise that people deal with things in different ways - some will work through things individually and others like to discuss issues with family, friends, colleagues, professionals etc. If you want to meet up for a ride, walk, chat in the pub/cafe or via phone messages the choice is completely flexible. We are always there for people and happy to help. Please see our contact details below:

Andy Wheat - Mobile: 07967 387605 email:

Maggie Cotton - Mobile: 07885 346454 email:

Kindest regards and happy cycling

Andy & Maggie

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Top woman, top choice!


That’s great to know, thanks for volunteering for the role Maggie, I’m sure you will be awesome 😍

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