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Volunteering - Cyclocross Saturday 24th September

At the moment we have the following 13 volunteers for Saturday:

Myself & Matt White

Caroline & Gareth Stoddart

Cheryl Harris

Mark Moriarty

Jack Harrison

Lauren Caterer

Robert Hunt

Cat Johnston

Joel Barnett

Dave Bettridge

Niall McGarrigle

If there is anyone else who could spare a few hours on Saturday it would be very much appreciated. Please comment below or reply to the email and we will add your name to the list.

The meeting point for volunteers is the pitch and putt area where your job will be allocated. If anyone could also help with setting up the course you would need to be there from 7.30am.

Please also be aware that there are roadworks around the park which may cause a delay in getting there.

Hoping more of you can help out!

Many Thanks

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Joel Barnett
Joel Barnett

Massive thanks to everyone who has volunteered already and for those about to do so! 😉

Unfortunately I can't make it, but my brother will be there coordinating everything. Look out for the bigger, uglier version of me!!

Once again, thank you. Massively associated.

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