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Tips and Tricks #2

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Want to know more about how the Forums work?


The Forum is the place where all members can interact. They are not visible to the general public so discussion is for club members only.

The best way to use the forum is to follow the categories and sub categories that you have an interest in. If each member does this then you will be alerted when something is posted in that forum and other members will be alerted when you post something. Just as important is that you will not be bothered by posts you are not interested in!

A few examples of where this is useful are:

  • Last minute changes to rides/routes

  • A new ad-hoc club ride being planned

  • New items for sale

Once we all start using the forums in this way then we would not need to use the News Feed to publicise upcoming events as members will be alerted by forum postings instead.

What are the categories and how do I post?

For an explanation of the what each should contain, examples of content, and how to create posts via the web site or the members app, select this link:

We recommend that all members follow the forums that are 'yellow starred' in the guide

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