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The ChristmaSKA Establishments!

A few people have asked which places we are visiting during the ChristmaSKA ride, as Kedleston Hall have told us they can not cater for us!

So we are going to the following establishments:

  1. Spotted Calf Cafe for brekky

  2. Shiny Brewery for a few swift pints early doors

  3. The Holly Bush Inn for a steady few pints early afternoon

  4. The Devonshire for a few more in the afternoon

It would be great to support all these local business'


First stop will be the cafe after a detour to wake up Duffield.

The route ends at the Shiny Tap brewery.

We will ride to the Holly Bush back through Little Eaton and over Duffield bank

Speaker and trailer is under construction!

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1 Comment

Jane Gott
Jane Gott
Dec 13, 2022

I'll be breaking off at Wood Lane, Wudus. Jx

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