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Hi All

I've received an email from a lady who had a scary experience whilst riding her horse last Tuesday evening. I don't believe this was our club and I have responded to her accordingly. However, I thought I might share this with you as a reminder that we are all entitled to use the lanes, and extra caution should be shown when coming across horses/horseriders.

I've never been on a group ride where we have not been courteous/respectful of horses/horseriders and so it would be good to keep it that way.




This is a polite request to ask that you make your riders aware that when riding in large groups to please pass horses at a very steady pace. I had an unpleasant experience Tuesday evening 24/5/22 on Nether Lane, Hazelwood as I was riding my horse back home, I suddenly heard a shout of 'bike' (which is fine I like riders to shout so I know they're there) but there was at least 20 if not more that were suddenly on the heels of my horse who panicked & tried to run away down hill & took some stopping.

I had to shout to the riders to stop ( I don't know if they thought I was saying it to the horse as some were still at the side & too close to the back of him) when they realised I meant them, they did stop for which I was grateful & came along slowly until I got to a drive way where I could stand off the road to let them pass. The last two guys in the group were very courteous & made sure I was ok for them to pass.

I would just like to make sure that it's understood that the horse spooked because of the number of bikes zooming up behind him all at once, he's very good in traffic & very well behaved & one or two shooting past wouldn't be a problem but not lots of them in a bunch, especially as we didn't hear them coming. Also if I'd been riding up the hill & they came flying down towards me it could be very dangerous for all concerned. I'm sure if all the people there were driving in a car they would slow down to pass.

I know it wasn't on purpose & it may not have been people from your club but I'm just trying to reach out so hopefully you can be made aware of the danger of passing too fast especially on mass.

I've never had a problem before with cyclist, most are very good & do shout to let us know they're there which I appreciate. I'm always very traffic aware & step out of the way for vehicles etc so as not to get in the way.

I'm not complaining about what happened as, as it were no harm was done, I'm not someone who moans about bikes on the road as we're all vulnerable road users.

I would appreciate some feed back from you if possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Regards Angie.

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