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Saturday riders to Sudbury (Moist)

12 riders at the Triangle with Nicola deciding to do her own inters ride, so 11 riders set out towards Sudbury on a damp misty morning. A couple of pre-planned diversions kept us off some muddy broken roads (thanks Chris), and the group were very careful on a small muddy pot holed section that was hard to avoid. Great social ride with the group staying together until a few miles after the cafe where the groups split after crossing a busy main road. Great to see Bill out today after his knee operation. I thought it might slow him down, but oh no, he passed me up Burley Hill like I was standing still.

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My first Saturday ride for many months and I really enjoyed it. Yes there was a really muddy, gravelly and pot holed section but everyone helped me through without having to get off and walk. I particularly enjoyed the last 10 mile stretch and think my fitness is gradually improving so big thank you for towing me around

David Olney
David Olney
Feb 21
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Great to see you on the ride Bill. You will be glad to hear that I have adjusted the route to miss that horrible section after the cafe. 🙂

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