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Sat 11th May - Away Day to Rutland

Return of the always popular Belper BC Away Day!

What exactly is an away day I hear you ask?

We drive somewhere go for a bike ride on new and interesting roads and then come home again!

This time we've picked Oakham as a starting point as its just over an hour away from Belper.

Meet at Oakham for a 9am start.

So far I have a couple of routes, the first is based on a route from the Lost Lanes book that I've modified to remove the off road bits. Its just under 50 miles and is pretty flat.

All important café stop will be in Oundle.

The second is a 25 mile gravel tour of Rutland Water.

I'm happy to lead a social pace group on the 50 mile route.

At this point I'm just looking to get an idea about numbers.

I'll put a poll in the Sat & Sun rides groups on the club WhatsApp to gauge numbers.

Final details will be released next week.

The usual Saturday ride will also operate as normal.

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Steve Woodward
Steve Woodward
03 de mai.

Hi All,

For ease of management I have decided to reclassify this ride from an official BBC event to a Member Organized Ride.

I’m just about to post the ride in the Member Organized Ride group in the WhatsApp community. Once again I’ll be posting a poll to get an idea of numbers.

Please message me if you would like to attend but you can’t access this group.

Thanks Steve


Hi Steve, Claire and I are wanting to come but are not on the WhatsApp group chat

Steve Woodward
Steve Woodward
03 de mai.
Respondendo a

I’ve just messaged you.


Philip Colledge
Philip Colledge
28 de abr.


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