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New Year Tuesday Social

I was expecting a huge turn out for the first ride of the year

but it turned out just to be me Dan & Jon.

Jon scouted ahead (left without us!) and reported floods near Breadsall Priory so we took a detour.

We were almost back at the Pub when unexpectedly we left Jon behind but apparently this was due to a flat and not Dan's pure power.

2 tubes later and we were back on the road before Jon headed up cemetery road to avoid buying us a drink in the pub.

Same time next week?

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What can I say. Good job I went early and saved you a wasted climb up to Breadsall Priory. As to the flat tyre - operator error! Drinks are on me next week 😉


Nice one lads. Would have come out but I have a bad chest and just can’t face the idea of cycling tonight much as I love the dark and wet

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