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NC500 - Day 4 - Kyle of Tongue to Invershin

Another absolutely epic day in the saddle. Teamwork went up to a new level - we battled on against the elements and it can be said that again the wind was not our friend for the first 30 ish miles along the coast road. Melvich was our first mini target and it was a very welcome sight when we saw Oscar at the cafe stop. After a much needed break we turned inland and there were some quiet thoughts that the wind had dropped slightly. We worked our way from North to South and after a short stop at Kinbrace Station we started to climb and climb and climb. The single track road (I use the term "road" loosely) kept us focused and we just managed to keep the wheels spinning . Some of our mountain goats remained just about visible as we dug deep to reach the summit and enjoyed the most breathtaking views at the top. The descent was absolutely awesome and we had to adopt some of our mountain bike skills to get down. At one brief stop a Highland stag and his lady friend came to say hello. We descended down to the A9 and yes we had found what we had been looking for - a beautiful tailwind. We were in heaven. It had only taken us 3 and a half days to find it but here it was. We worked together and enjoyed a fabulous stretch of road with the wind most definitely at our backs. The finish to our ride was awesome and spirits were high. We were welcomed at the Invershin Hotel and Beef Stroganoff was most welcome for most (although some were craving more curry!!). A memorable day and we unbelievably we have just one more day to go.

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