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Dear All,

As we have an upcoming AGM I have been in touch with all committee members to speak about their intentions for standing again next year.

All committee members have to step down and be re-appointed. Therefore all roles are available should you be interested in joining the committee.

As our current kit officer and ride officer are not available to be re-appointed we will require club members to step forward and volunteer. I have posted the role descriptions below. If you are free to spare a little time to help out your club and are interested in either of the roles it would be appreciated if you could contact me as soon as possible. We will also have a period of transition where the current kit and ride officers will be on hand to help out and guide you through.

Our next committee meeting is on Monday 3rd October, before the AGM in November so please come along and see how it all works behind the scenes.... We don't bite! ;-)

Kit Officer

- Make proposals to committee and gain agreement to timing of orders for cycling/casual kit and other club merchandise. Inform members of kit/merchandise/event order windows.

- Propose stock levels and club contribution to prices and gain agreement from committee.

- Manage all aspects of the online store and liaise with the Treasurer to ensure payment has been made by members for all orders prior to placing order with supplier or holding an event.

- Liaise with supplier to ensure timely order placement and delivery including approval of any artworks/templates.

- Take delivery of orders from supplier and coordinate distribution to members

- Deal with any member queries and, where possible, resolve any quality issues

- Coordinate any proposals for design changes and gain agreement from committee

Make proposals for any new ideas for kit and/or merchandise and any new suppliers and gain agreement to proceed from committee.

- Promote sale of stock by arranging for regular communications to be sent to members informing them of stock items available and associated cost. Also make regular posts on the club website to promote sale of stock items. Liaise with Treasurer to ensure payment has been made prior to distribution of stock to members

- Provide an update of current kit and merchandise position at each committee meeting and complete any actions recorded in the minutes by the required date

- Liaise with Digital Media Officer to manage website online store and instruct any changes.

- Store stock and merchandise in a secure and accessible location (approximately 2 large boxes).

Ride Officer

This role is to ensure we have a program in place by coordinating the various ‘groups’ or interests to set up rides to ensure we address the cycling needs of all members.

The responsibilities for this role are:

  • To assist others in developing a full ride program catering for needs of various levels and interests of cyclists within the club.

  • Likely that this role will lead a ‘sub-group’ to help set up and organise ride program – it is up to Ride Officer if this is a fixed or ad-hoc group or a mixture of both.

  • Liaise with Web manager to ensure all regular routes are up to date on website.

  • Liaise with Social Media manager to ensure routes / rides planned are clearly advertised using events function and weekly reminder updates etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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John Chapman
John Chapman
Sep 12, 2022

Hi Lisa

We've not met - newish member usually riding on Tuesdays. If it helps you can register my interest for Kit Officer. I'm away for the next few weeks but will be back for the AGM.

John Chapman.

Lisa White
Lisa White
Sep 12, 2022
Replying to

Hi John That's great... Thank you so much! Please let me know if you fancy a chat before the AGM.

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