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It's Hill Climb Time!

The Belper BC hill climbs are quickly approaching!

7th and 10th of September!

Come and test yourself against the .04M climb up Broadholme Lane, and head back down to the Fisherman's rest for well deserved refreshments.

The events are for anybody and everybody whether it's your first hill climb or are a seasoned racer! Come and compete against yourself and the climb.

All details and the sign on form can be found on the link below:

Volunteers and supporters are always welcome!

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The event entry system is listing events on 7th and 22nd September when I tried to enter 🤔

Jack  Harrison
Jack Harrison
Aug 18, 2022
Replying to

Ah cheers The 22nd one was moved to the 10th but obviously hasn't been changed on the entry! I'll get it changed


Joel Barnett
Joel Barnett
Aug 11, 2022

I'll be in for it. My numbers have been going up and up! Unfortunately it's the ones on the scales, not the ones on the power meter...

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