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Darley Moor 11th July

Only a few days to go now until our third circuit session at Darley and numbers are looking a little low, it would be great if would could get as many riders as possible. As previously mentioned these sessions are not just for those interested in racing but for all club members.

For this third session we are going to mix things up a little bit and alternate between some fitness sessions and some skills sessions. For riders who don’t want to take part in the fitness sessions you can have a quick rest and water break or make your own way around the circuit in your own time and the same for those who might not want to take part in the skills sessions. For example:

Session 1 - 15 minutes: Whole group chain gang, steady speed keeping everyone together.

Session 2 - 15 minutes: Riding in a group, pointing out hazards in the road and following the wheel in front when there isn’t time to shout out a hazard.

Session 3 - 15 minutes: Random number attack. Whole group chain gang, pick random numbers out of a hat before hand, select a number and that person is to make a surprise attack at some point in the session.

Session 4 - 15 minutes: Cornering skills. Looking at the correct line choice around a corner and positioning on the bike.

Session 5 - 15 minutes: Sprints. Everyone’s favourite a quick sprint block, 2 riders off the front for a pre determined length sprint.

Session 6 - 15 minutes: Steady increase pace chain gang. Riders in a chain gang, steadily increase the tempo throughout the session trying to keep everyone together until the final lap for a finish.

Session 7 - 15 minutes: Faster increase pace chain gang. As with the previous session but at a steadier speed to suit riders in this group.

Session 8 - 15 minutes: 2 up TT for all.

Hopefully people can see that we have tried to mix things up to suit everyone and so that everyone can get involved wether to build fitness or skills in a safe traffic free environment.

To sign up for this event please visit:

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