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Brian Dunning

Kit Officer

The responsibilities for this role are:

  • Make proposals to committee and gain agreement to timing of orders for cycling/casual kit and other club merchandise

  • Propose club contribution to prices and stock levels and gain agreement from committee

  • Manage all aspects of the shop for orders and ensure payment has been made for all orders prior to placing order with supplier

  • Liaise with supplier to ensure timely order placement and delivery including approval of any artworks/templates

  • Take delivery of orders from supplier and coordinate distribution to members

  • Deal with any member queries regarding orders or quality issues

  • Coordinate any proposals for design changes and gain agreement from committee

  • Make proposals for any new ideas for kit and/or merchandise and gain agreement to proceed from committee. This includes suggestions from committee & other club members

  • Attend committee meetings and report current stock levels and other pertinent information. Also complete any actions recorded for the Kit Officer in the minutes by the required completion date

  • Promote sale of stock by arranging regular communications to be sent to members informing them of stock items available and associated cost. Also make regular posts on the club website to promote sale of stock items.

  • Liaise with Treasurer to ensure payment has been made prior to distribution of stock to members.

  • Liaise with Digital Media Officer to manage website online store and instruct any changes.

  • Store stock and merchandise in a secure and accessible location (approximately 2 large boxes)

Brian Dunning
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