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Organised ad-hoc throughout the year

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Belper Triangle

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These are rides that cover a greater distance than normal and all start from Belper Triangle and finish at  a local holstelry where food is provided. A short and longer distance road route is available and a gravel option too. Start times are phased for each route so that all groups finish at a similar time.

The rides are open to club and non-club members and tickets are purchased from the club on-line store. The recommendation is to use a road bike for the road routes and gravel/MTB for the gravel route.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time so that riders can choose the group they want to ride in for their chosen route. There will be 1 or 2 café stops and several groups organised. The following are examples of the speeds each group will maintain on the flat section of the road:

  • Group 1 - 18mph+

  • Group 2 - 16-18mph

  • Group 3 - 14-16mph

The more experienced members of each group will ensure the group stays together and that all riders wait at the top of hills for others to catch-up and have a short rest.

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