Saturday Social

Saturday Social

Start Time

9:00 AM

Route Distance

Start Location:


Every Saturday throughout the year

45-60 miles

Belper Triangle

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These rides are held every Saturday throughout the year and the event and route details will be published in the club events calendar. The routes are all on road and use country lanes where possible. The recommendation is to use a road bike for these routes. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time so that riders can be organised into the groups. There will be 2 routes available (Long and Short) but both are designed to meet at the café stop half way around. The following are examples of the speeds each group will maintain on the flat section of the road:

  • Group 1 - 18mph+

  • Group 2 - 16-18mph

  • Group 3 - 14-16mph

The more experienced members of each group will ensure the group stays together and  that all riders wait at the top of hills for others to catch-up and have a short rest.


We will make every effort to make you feel welcome but if you are unsure of your ability/speed or are new to cycling, please consider joining us on our Sunday Social Ride first.